music made simple
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learns what you like
plays what you'll love
Cone learns what, when, and how you like to listen to music. Turn it on and it automatically plays what you'll love, selected from millions of tracks, filling any room with incredible sound.
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you speak
cone listens
Know what you want to hear? Just ask. Cone takes requests. Use your voice to find and play music, radio stations and podcasts.
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to use
Turn the dial to play music
or skip to a different song.
Press the button to pause
music, or press and hold it
to speak your request.
Turn to play
Tap to pause
Ask for something
Play something different
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hear every detail
Cone is engineered to deliver impressively
rich, detailed audio. A 3" woofer, dual tweeters and 20 watt amplifier creates a noticeably spacious sound field for all types of music.
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listen to anything
Today Cone works with Rdio and thousands of your radio stations, with more music services on the way.
25 million songs