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Cone Speaker Web Update

Recently, Aether discontinued operations and is no longer in a position to keep everything up and running. In addition, the Rdio service has also shutdown which impacts the Cone’s functionality. For these reasons, Aether’s servers have shut down, eliminating most functionality of the Cone, including voice commands, Rdio streaming music and song recommendation.

To mitigate these issues, the Aether Team has developed an electronic update that will automatically change the device software so that it will be able to continue to operate as a Bluetooth / Airplay speaker. This electronic update will also add Spotify Connect functionality. Spotify Connect is a feature available to Spotify Premium subscribers for playing music natively on their Cones. You can find full details at - but Spotify's service does not support voice requests, Internet Radio, Podcasts or multi-Cone linking, so these functions will no longer be available once your Cone updates. Since Spotify Connect is controlled exclusively through the Spotify App, the Aether Mobile App will also no longer function after your Cone upgrades. The Spotify App provides all the same remote control features as the Cone app when using Spotify Connect.

This update was deployed on December 12, 2015, and once your device is connected to the Internet, the update should automatically install. This update is also available for manual download here with installation instructions here.

Once updated, voice commands, Rdio streaming music, song recommendation and other functionality will no longer work.